Your custom flower planter


Customize your aluminum flower planter by choosing among a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes.
A piece of furniture for your greenery at home.




Each planter is made by expert craftsmen who know how to balance convenience and elegance


Have it delivered to your home!


Their particular patented aluminum structure combines strength and lightness. Thanks to these features, the planters can be easily sent to your home


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Flower plantersCustom made

Thanks to their modern design, Regart flower planters are real furnishing accessories for gardens and terraces.

They are tailored and designed after a careful inspection, in which we will be able to advise you on shapes, sizes and colours that best suit your needs. Thanks to the experience of our craftsmen, you will have a “made in Italy” product that will give a touch of class to the greenery of your house.

For outdoor use

Fully resistant to weathering, these flower planters are perfect for gardens, terraces and swimming pools.

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For indoor use

The flower planters bring a touch of green inside your house. Thanks to their design, the flower planters are also recommended for interiors.

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Climbing trellis and interior shelves can be added to the flower planters, while saucers and draining carpets are already included.

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MaterialsAnd processing



Aluminium is lightweight, strong but soft. It is the perfect material for our flower planters.



Fully non-toxic and produced in accordance with the current regulations, the paints we use guarantee a long-lasting effect.



Noble and antique metal, copper gives a classic touch to the modern design of our flower planters.



Each planter is hand-made by our craftsmen: this is what guarantees a unique and exclusive product.

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