Flower Planters

Main features

Elegance lightness resistance

After years of experience in the metalworking sector, Regart has patented a special bending system, which provides outstanding resistance to the flower planters.

The flower planters can be personalised in every aspect, from the shape of the base (rectangular, square, triangular, “L-shaped”) and the sizes of the sides and height, to the colours (they can be chosen from a wide range) and the materials.

Thanks to the specific aluminum properties, our product is light, easy to handle, and suitable for a do-it-yourself installation. Moreover, owing to its horizontal slats, it is very resistant to the internal thrust of the soil, avoiding unpleasant deformations as it may happen with the plastic pots.


All the work process is made by expert craftsmen


Shape, size and colour are devised to satisfy every need


Components can be assembled, and it is also possible to add shelves and climbing trellis



Proper maintenance is the key to keeping Regart flower planters properties for a very long time



Available in a wide range of colours. All of them are hot painted to guarantee a longer life



Lightweight, resistant and low-cost. It is certainly the best material for our products



No water deposits to remove, thanks to the draining mat that comes with each flower planter



Our registered bending system is the starting point to obtain a product that is the only one of its kind


Available colours

Resistant to weather



View all the colors available

Internal section

Drainage and shelf

Our flower planters are equipped with an excellent drainage system thanks to the grooves on the bottom metal sheet; they are completely covered inside by a draining mat, which is composed of a three-dimensional polypropylene net coupled by heat-sealing with two non-woven geotextiles. These special grooves allow the control of the excess of water that can flow into the ducts.

Our system avoids water stagnation on the bottom. This problem is the main cause of root rot in plants with the consequent formation of pathogenic fungi that often cause their death.

On request the planters can be equipped with a saucer.


Other products

Climbing trellins and pots


It is possible to match flower planters to climbing trellis of different colours, or simply to order new climbing trellis to change the look of your fence and outdoor area.


In order to satisfy every kind of need, we also produce flowerpots of various shapes and sizes. They are suitable for outdoor use and perfect for indoor environment.

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