Processing and raw materials


Hand-crafted flower planters

Our products are all unique and original. They are one by one handmade by our expert craftsmen in order to satisfy your needs.

The secret of the strength of the Regart flower planters lies in its horizontal slats, obtained through a patented, original metal bending system. Thanks to these slats, the flower planters resist to the internal thrust of the soil and keep the shape, unlike plastic or wood planters.

All this, combined with the use of top quality materials, enable us to obtain a light, strong and beautiful product.

Raw material

Aluminium Copper Paint


Aluminium is one of the most common metallic elements in nature, and it is increasingly used in many sectors for its properties: lightness, recyclability, corrosion resistance, ductility and malleability.

With the same volume, aluminum weighs about 1/3rd of copper and steel. When it comes in contact with the air, it oxidizes and creates a surface protection that makes it resistant to water and to some chemicals. Aluminum is one of the most common metal in nature: it is the third most abundant element after oxygen and silicon, which makes it an easy-to-find and low-cost material.


Copper is the oldest and most used material for handcrafted works thanks to its properties of ductility, malleability and resistance to corrosion.

In order to keep the natural bright of copper we can apply, on request, a transparent protective antioxidant varnish to the flower planters.

The other copper colours are exclusive and subject to limitation. They do not fear oxidation and keep their precious look over time.


The paints that we use for our aluminium flower planters are completely non-toxic and produced in accordance with regulations.

Our flower planters are also painted inside, in order to avoid soil and metal contact and guarantee a longer life.
The primer and the hot painting make them durable over time.

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